I took Dr. Wendy Drexler’s pre-PLENK2010 survey yesterday and was quite surprised at my responses. I realize this may be because I’m a non-credit participant, but I don’t worry about studying.  I just participate.  I find the amount of time I spend engaging with the course is related both to how interesting I find the topic of the moment, and how busy the rest of my life is that day.  I felt that at least some of the questions suggested a level of structure that I don’t tend to  associate with MOOCs.  I think this is mostly because of the lack of formal assessment, but I think the course design contributes to it as well.  Since it is all but impossible to do everything, to read everything, to participate in all the synchronous sessions, the learner has permission to set their own level of engagement, and even to vary it.  Or is everyone else penciling PLENK study time into their day planners and I just didn’t know it?