Alec Couros laments his inability to read this post from Andre.  Here’s a very rapid rendering into English

Someone pointed me to a video from Professor Alec Couros. This allowed me to discover a very special teacher. He teaches in the faculty of educational sciences at the University of Regina in Saskatchewan. Viewing the trailer for his EC&I 831 course was enough to arouse my curiosity. It’s astonishing that a professor promotes his course in this way, especially since the course addresses Web 2.0.

After this viewing, I tried to learn more about this avant garde prof. Like me, you can follow his blog, see his listing on Rate My Professor, or see his university web page.

This prof who produces podcasts lives his life on the web in the open. His blog teaches us that recently, Flickr put him in the position of reviewing this politic of living in the open., at least in his personal life. That incident can serve as an example to all those who aren’t wary enough of “social” sites.

In any case, it proves that certain university teachers aren’t out of step with regards to the web.

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