CCK08 has given me a reason to sign up for a number of “web 2.0” tools (slideshare, utterli, voicethread, seesmic, and I’m probably forgetting a couple)  Whenever one signs up, one looks for the people one already knows, and then at their followers to find common acquaintances, etc.  I signed up for a service the other day, and as I was doing this, I stumbled across a profile for Tony Dovolani.  Yes it really is him, as the site lists him in their official blog as a “featured community member”.

This of course got me thinking about Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon and small world experiments.  Web 2.0 tools have confused things quite a bit because asymmetrical connections are now possible.  That is to say, “How close to you in your network is someone who follows you on Twitter but whom you don’t follow”? (or vice versa)  Perhaps that distinction doesn’t make a difference.

Maybe the ability to follow unilaterally makes for groups within networks.  If person A and person B don’t follow each other, but both follow person C, who doesn’t follow them, are they more like a fan group? ( Maybe we’re all Downesheads and just don’t know it)