This was going to be a comment to Gina’s post, but got so long that I decided to post separately.

I wanted to thank you for your reminiscences about Schoolhouse Rock and comic books.  It’s too easy to forget sometimes how many different ways people can learn.  As an educator it’s a bit daunting, though.  How, apart from moving to a UK style system of tutors, do we meet all the different needs of our students?

I’m sorry your interactions haven’t always been positive, but I think there’s something important to remember .  I think of George and Stephen as, at most, primi inter pares.  I can do that since I’m not being graded. 🙂 I don’t necessarily grant them the right to define terms.  Also, I try not to read anything they write differently because they are the leaders/instructors.  So what if they don’t like your questions or your answers. Now that they’ve started the ball rolling, they could both be abducted by aliens tomorrow and lots of learning about connectivism would continue. (Let me hasten to add that I’m not rooting for an alien abduction, not even of Stephen)

On the other hand, whenever you have interaction inside a culture, there are norms which govern that interaction.   What those norms should be and who should set them are topics for discussion and debate, if the course is really decentralized.