The question of distinguishing groups and networks has actually been coming up in the SL Cohort for a couple of weeks now.  I think we had already meandered our way to the autonomy idea that both Stephen and George mentioned.  The passion v. reason dichotomy that Stephen wrote about was something I hadn’t thought of, although I though George made a good point about different levels of control being appropriate to different goals.

Stephen seems to criticise most current educational models as being too “group”.  My initial reaction was to think that many students don’t have the comfort level with working autonomously that a more “networked” model requires.  Then I thought about Montessori.  If you can do it with four and five year olds, why not with less well prepared adults? Is there anyone out there in CCK08 who’s familiar w/ Montessori and ready to tackle how that model might be applied to novice older learners?