Pat Parslow writes about Catherine Fitzpatrick’s blog rating system.  I admit that I haven’t been following the forums much, so I didn’t know about this.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that my blog was among those rated.  That means someone‘s reading it.  🙂 A few things come to mind.

Catherine said of this blog early in the morning of September 26:  “thoughtful SL person but only a few posts and links to others”  At the time I had just begun posting, and there wasn’t so much content.  Also the posts were to some degree the falling tree that no one had yet heard. When Catherine posted my rating, the entire blog had 32 hits over its entire existence . I got mentioned in The Daily the morning of the 26th, and the CCK universe found me, I got more than twice that many hits on the 26th alone thanks mostly, I imagine, to the Daily mention.

This might be an argument in favor of the forums, as there certainly is a lag time before people find the blog posts and reply to them. It’s not that I have an innate dislike of forums.  Another group to which I belong has forums on which I have more than 500 posts.  There were a couple of reasons I decided to blog instead of forum post this time around with CCK08.

— Familiarity

As I said, I’m used to forums.  On the other hand, I’ve never blogged to any appreciable extent before.  I wanted to commit to using the tool so I’d learn how it really worked.  I have also been on forums long enough to have been through my share of flame wars.  One can, of course, be as nasty in a trackback as in a forum reply, but I was curious as to whether the decentralized discussion of blog discussions affected the tone.


I also tend to think of this blog as less of an explicit discussion and more of a place where I can make manifest what’s bouncing around my own mind.  If someone else reads that and it starts something bouncing around in their own mind, that’s great.  Lisa’s post on networks of the dead (previously referenced) did that for a number of people.

Also, I see my blog posts for this class as a beginning rather than a totality.  While the moodle discussion will continue to be available after the course ends, I would feel odd posting a new thread there six months from now.  In some important way they are linked to the one semester structure of CCK08.  I hope, however, to maintain the blog as a place to think out loud about other things to do with education and technology.

I suppose it’s a chacun à son gout sort of thing, when it comes right down to it. In a course this massive isn’t there room for both?