Joost Robben writes about virtual worlds.  The one which was new to me was Multiverse Places, so, intrigued by Joost’s comparison to facebook profiles, I wandered over and looked at the video trailer.  It made me want to run away, to be honest.  The trailer made everything look so energetically hip that I felt as if I were in sensory overload after a couple of minutes.  Who knows how I’d feel if I actually visited the world.  The shots of the virtual Times Square reminded me of the moment in the Anathem trailer (Apparently William Morrow has released a number of book trailers on MySpace) where the avout narrator stares up at the glowing billboards extramuros in utter bewilderment (a little less than a minute and a half in) Maybe Multiverse Places will have an “over 30” zone for those who like their virtual lives to be more sedate.

Disclaimer : I’m more of a Second Life Person