This blog exists to house , at least intitially, thoughts and comments related the massive copnnectivism course  taught by George Siemens and Stephen Downes, in which I hope to have time to participate.  One has been asked to post an introduction, which I guess I’ll do here for posterity.

My name is Jason Green, home is currently North Little Rock, Arkansas, United States of America. I work in distance learning and instructional technology at a community college. In addition, teach classes in music and French, and have been a long time Second Lifer (I’m doing the SL cohort for this class)

I’m interested in the course because I have notice, in the last decade or so that more and more of my own learning is:

1) self directed


2) related to social netowrks rather than formal educational structures.

Working in an institution where a large number of students don’t succeed (keep in mind that most community colleges have an open door policy), I wonder how people can be taught to leverage their networks for learning and if doing so might give us better results than the current top down model.

I also want to try to figure out how , if such a connectivist model were adopted, professional “educators”like myself can continue to eat and pay rent.  I suppose the success of the course for me is tied to the extent to which I can begin to answer those three questions.